King Jackpot Bingo keeps up the Big Bonuses

Take advantage of the generous King Jackpot Bingo offer of £10 free to play both bingo and slots at their site – No deposit or credit card required either! Good way to start if you’re new!

As soon as you first log onto the site you can familiarise yourself with what’s on offer by hitting on the preview games tab. This is where you find all bingo, slots, casino & instants games listed and detailed.

For instance, with bingo 75 when you click on that link you will see whether an actual game is in progress or not, you can view the game rules etc.

But like many bingoers you probably enjoy your (bingo) breaks (either between games or while you’re actually waiting for your particular game to come up), so take advantage of the range of other games on offer – whether it be slots, casino or instants. Possibly click on the slots section and you will see all of them there. Such as slots or bingo, pyramids of cash, posh life, Roman riches, riches of wonderland, mocha millions etc etc etc. Hitting on any particular game link gives you a picture of the game and the rules.

Check out Mega Bingo at King Jackpot, £500 must go every single day with this promo with a monster £2,000 must go amount on Saturday, 17 March. Additionally, every £500 (or £2,000) must go game is linked to a £5,000 jackpot as well.

As a reminder, all games during this Mega Bingo Marathon month at King Jackpot are played at 10pm. Best news for you is that when you buy 5 tickets you will get another 10 for free. That simply means pay for 5 get 15!

Don’t forget that special St Patrick’s Day £2,000 game!

Take full advantage of the free bingo games at King Jackpot – they are played randomly in the Knight’s Lounge (75 Ball) and Queen’s Palace (90 Ball) during CM hours of noon until midnight! Log onto King and grab the details.

Online Bingo Just for Fun

Online bingo provides fans of the game with a fun and safe interface that has several advantages over going to a bingo hall in person. By removing some uncertainties from the process of going to play bingo, players can feel more comfortable, a key ingredient in the recipe for having fun. It is not enjoyable, after all, to play bingo when feeling a high level of stress. By removing the causes of that stress, online bingo returns the game to where it firmly belongs: the world of amusement and fun.

No Cash Transactions

One reason why many players find online bingo to be more fun than the traditional variety is the simple fact that most bingo halls only accept cash in exchange for cards. This is no doubt inconvenient for some people, who are becoming accustomed to electronic methods of payment.

Going about with significant sums of cash can be uncomfortable. This can be particularly true when someone has won a large prize and is in the position of having to make their way home in the dark. While it is unlikely to become a problem, the stress alone can ruin a player’s enjoyment of the game.

Bingo is supposed to be fun. Playing at home using an online bingo site means that there is no need to worry about sums of cash. Credit cards or other forms of electronic payment are used both for buying cards and accepting jackpots at most sites. This both reduces players’ stress and increases their fun.

The Familiarity of One’s Own Home

Another thing that makes online bingo fun is the fact that players can play from home using a computer. This not only eliminates the worry of spending time with strangers or travelling after dark, it means that players can really be themselves when they play. There is no need to dress up.

After a hard day at the office, relaxing with a few rounds of bingo can be an enjoyable way to spend the remainder of the evening, especially when you can nibble at your dinner as you mark your cards and have soft music playing in the background. To play bingo just for fun, your home is the best venue.

Why Looking Out for Online Bingo Promotions is Important

Looking out for online bingo promotions is important for several reasons. Not only do players have a limited amount of money and time to play their favourite game, they also deserve an online bingo experience that is as fun as possible.

Making the Most of Limited Funds

The number one reason why players should check Facebook groups and Twitter feeds looking for the best online bingo promotions is because it only makes sense for them to spend their limited gaming money in the best possible way. Why deposit money with a site that only offers a 50% welcome bonus when other sites are offering far more?

Welcome bonuses, however, aren’t the only way in which bingo sites try to attract and retain avid players. Bingo fans should also look out for reload bonuses, where bingo web sites will match additional funds added, sometimes by 200% or even 300%, just like for initial deposit funds.

Making the Most of Limited Time

Although many online bingo fans would love to play the game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is just not practical for most of us. The hours we can devote to bingo are sometimes few and far between. This makes them precious.

Playing for exciting bonus prizes means packing more fun into our bingo playing hours. Bingo promotions are getting bigger and better all the time, with prizes ranging from additional cash payouts to cruises on major cruise lines. Some online bingo sites even offer players the chance to win a brand new car, and run the promotion daily. Other top prizes include luxury vacations and enormous jackpots that rival the lottery in size.

Looking Out for New Sites

Players tend to develop habits; they will play with the same web site time and again, but those who understand promotions know that one of the cleverest things they can do is to constantly be looking for new bingo sites. Newly launched sites have to attract customers first and foremost, so this is where some of the most stunning promotions will occur. By playing at several different sites, both familiar and new, players can make sure they never miss out on a top promotion again.

What Makes a Good Online Bingo Site?

Those who have only played bingo in a hall might assume that one online bingo site is much like the next. This is not the case. Some online bingo sites are much better than others in a variety of ways. It takes more than a few virtual bingo cards to make an excellent Internet bingo site.


One characteristic of a good site is a pleasing graphical interface. Players will be spending a lot of time looking at their screens, and nothing can turn them away faster than a garish colour scheme that is hard on the eyes.

Graphics should be easy to navigate, attractive, and should not be too busy. A bingo player usually has a lot to look at, from the cards that are currently in play to a chat room or conversation game he may be using on the side. Cluttering up the interface with needless animated graphics can be a drawback. Stylish, simple, and easy to use and understand are some of the features needed for an excellent graphical interface.

Gaming Software

Another important facet of a good online bingo site is gaming software that downloads and installs without complications, and afterwards plays smoothly. Players do not need the frustration of a game which freezes up at a key moment or worse, causes their computer to behave in unexpected ways. Good bingo sites invest in quality software that is consistent and reliable.

Loyalty and Welcome Bonuses

A good site will also make efforts both to attract new players and retain the ones it has. The best way to do this is through bonuses. Players should regularly see their new deposits doubled or tripled with bonus money that can be used to buy additional cards. Sites that don’t offer bonuses will quickly see their business dwindle since it has become a common practice among most internet bingo sites.


Finally, a good online bingo site will have credentials that players can trust. Players should look for sites that are EU licensed and UK owned.